Brooke Burke flaunts firm buns with poolside stretch



Brooke Burke smiles close up
Brooke Burke smiles close up. Pic credit: @brookeburke/Instagram

Brooke Burke is showing off her fitness guru body with jaw-dropping poolside moves as she stuns at 50.

The media personality and Brooke Burke Body founder put her buns of steel on show from her L.A. home while encouraging fans to get fit ahead of the weekend, posting content to promote her SEXY SUMMER BODY plan and proving why fans should give it a go.

Brooke Burke stuns at 50 with insanely fit body

Stretching herself out and largely following a muscle-toning Pilates routine, Brooke showed off her skills from a chic wooden deck and on a yoga mat, this as she also peeped her fancy outdoor pool.

All muscle as she wore tight pink shorts and dark sports bra in the opening footage, the workout queen delivered slow and sustained moves while barefoot, also highlighting her peachy rear and sculpted back and shoulders.

Adding in yoga positions including a downward dog with a leg stretch, Burke also showcased a yellow shorts outfit, with text in the video reading: “Sneak peek into my SEXY STRONG SUMMER.”

A caption addressed fans of the Brooke Burke Body Instagram, reading: “Helloooo summer. #sneekpeak what’s inside our band new #sexy STRONG SUMMER ☀️ challenge 6 weeks together plus FREE PDF‼️ #BOOTY #beach #yoga, #HIIT, abs #sweat.”

Brooke has been opening up on her mentalities, and that doesn’t just mean food and exercise. Speaking on the Hollywood Life podcast this year, she said:

“I think this inner dialogue is really affecting us. I turned 50 this year. I could focus on everything that no one else is even noticing. It’s just how we are as women. It’s really important that we’re kind to ourselves and that we treat ourselves with compassion and love and grace. Easier said than done, but hopefully if we make it a practice, the way that we talk to ourselves.”

Brooke Burke is all about morning goals

L.A. might offer late-night spots, but for Brooke, the action is best when you’re rising with the sun. She believes in setting goals “in the morning” and then “knocking them out.”

“Take five minutes in the morning just to get your head in the game. I think that really helps. Fitness is is not an isolated journey, right? I say that a lot. But it really helps to have somebody or something to hold you accountable,” the former Wild On! star concluded.


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