Broncos’ Von Miller off the hook in mysterious criminal case



The mysterious investigation into Broncos star Von Miller is over but not clarified.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office in Colorado announced Friday that it will not pursue criminal charges against Miller in relation to an investigation that began in January. The nature of the allegations is unknown.

The Parker Police Department submitted a criminal case against the 31-year-old Miller, but the District Attorney’s office released a statement saying it cannot meet the American Bar Association’s minimum requirement for filing and maintaining criminal charges.

That standard notes “a prosecutor should seek or file criminal charges only if the prosecutor reasonably believes that the charges are supported by probable cause, that admissible evidence will be sufficient to support conviction beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the decision to charge is in the interests of justice.”

First-year Broncos general manager George Paton said he wanted to keep Miller even before the top pass-rusher was clear of charges, but the team has not yet exercised the option that would guarantee $7 million of his $18 million salary.

Von Miller
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Miller missed all of last season due to injury, and it is not clear if he is amenable to a pay cut or restructured contract as teams across the NFL struggle to get under the reduced salary cap ceiling.

The NFL has the authority to conduct its own investigations and discipline players for their actions regardless of how the legal process played out. But Miller is off the hook for now.

“It would be inappropriate to comment about details of an investigation in which there was never a citation, arrest or filing,” the District Attorney’s statement read. “The complainant, suspect and witnesses have a legitimate privacy interest and we will respect that.”


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