Breaking down the Thunder future draft picks: A complete guide to Sam Presti’s draft assets



The Oklahoma City Thunder have stockpiled the largest treasure chest of future draft picks that the NBA has ever seen.

Even after making four selections in the 2021 NBA Draft – the first draft where their future assets were put to use – the Thunder still sit upon a gold mine of picks. By trading the No. 16 overall pick to the Houston Rockets (who selected Alperen Sengün), Oklahoma City acquired another two future first-rounders to stack on its rebuild.

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For those keeping track at home, the Thunder now have 36 total draft picks over the next five years: 19 first-round picks and 17 second-round picks.

Since the 2019 offseason, the Thunder have been in the business of acquiring as many future draft picks as possible, starting when they traded away two All-Stars in Paul George (LA Clippers) and Russell Westbrook (Houston Rockets). It sets them up for another strong rebuild, similar to the one they achieved in the late 2000s when they drafted Kevin Durant (2007), Westbrook (2008), Serge Ibaka (2008) and James Harden (2009) in successive years.

With that in mind, take a look at how Oklahoma City’s future draft assets shake out over the next five years.

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The Oklahoma City Thunder’s future draft picks

2022 NBA Draft

Round From Deal
1 LA Clippers* Paul George trade
1 Phoenix Suns** Chris Paul trade
1 Detroit Pistons^ (via HOU) Alperen Sengün trade
2 Own


  • * Unprotected.
  • ** Top-12 protected. If not conveyed, then protections on the following years include top-10 in 2023, top-eight in 2024 before becoming unprotected in 2025.
  • ^ Top-16 protected in 2022, 1-18 in 2023, 1-18 in 2024, 1-13 in 2025, 1-11 in 2026 and 1-9 in 2027.

2023 NBA Draft

Round From Deal
1 Own
1 LA Clippers* Paul George trade
1 Denver Nuggets** Steven Adams trade
1 Miami Heat^ Paul George trade
1 Washington Wizards (via HOU)^^ Alperen Sengün trade
2 Dallas Mavericks/Miami Heat^^^ Multiple
2 Washington Wizards” Steven Adams trade


2024 NBA Draft

Round From Deal
1 Own
1 Houston Rockets* Russell Westbrook trade
1 LA Clippers** Paul George trade
1 Utah Jazz^ Derrick Favors trade
2 Own
2 Charlotte Hornets^^ Steven Adams trade
2 Minnesota Timberwolves” Ricky Rubio trade


2025 NBA Draft

Round From Deal
1 Own
1 Houston Rockets/LA Clippers* Russell Westbrook trade
1 Philadelphia 76ers** Danny Green trade
2 Own
2 Boston Celtics Kemba Walker trade
2 Atlanta Hawks^ Danilo Gallinari trade
2 Philadelphia 76ers George Hill trade


  • * Oklahoma City has the right to swap their pick for Houston’s, which is protected 1-10, or L.A.’s first-round pick. 
  • ** Protections on the pick change from top-six in 2025 to top-four in 2026 and then top-four again 2027. If the pick isn’t conveyed through all those protections, Philadelphia will convey its 2027 second-round pick.
  • ^ Protected 31-55. 

2026 NBA Draft


  • * Top-four protected. If not conveyed, it converts to a 2026 second-round pick.
  • ** Unprotected.

2027 NBA Draft



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