Brad Marchand confirms Russia dig at Artemi Panarin



Brad Marchand isn’t apologizing. He’s doubling down.

The Bruins star confirmed on Tuesday that he brought up Russia in a dig at Rangers winger Artemi Panarin that led to a glove-throwing incident in last Friday’s game. Then he took another shot at Panarin.

“If that’s what sets guys over the edge, then this is the softest league in the world,” Marchand said, per Boston Sports Journal.

The Rangers asked the league to look into Marchand’s behavior, The Post’s Larry Brooks reported. Panarin was fined $5,000 for throwing his glove, and said earlier this week he thought Marchand should have been fined, too.

“Because I can’t control myself after that,” Panarin said. “It’s important to [know] that I didn’t start it. I didn’t say good things about him, too, but I think when you touch country, it’s different. Probably all Russians would want to defend their country.

“In the NHL, lots of people say bad words sometimes. … [But] how do we want to be as humans? For kids and everybody, we have to be good examples. Because, as athletes, lots of people watch us. The last maybe five, ten years, trash talk is pretty popular. But we have kids [watching] who grow up and that’s really important. … I think a balance is important.”

Panarin has a complex relationship with his country, having criticized Russian president Vladimir Putin. After he declared support for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, a former KHL coach made unfounded accusations of assault against Panarin, leading him to take a leave of absence last season.

Brad Marchand and Artemi Panarin
Brad Marchand and Artemi Panarin
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Still, Panarin told R-Sport, a Russian media outlet, that he has met with team officials to discuss playing at the Olympics in February, which he hopes to do.


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