Bidens, DOTUS to be joined by a cat in the White House: report

Bidens, DOTUS to be joined by a cat in the White House: report

It’ll be the purr-fect start to the presidency for Joe Biden.

The President-elect and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, reportedly plan to acquire a cat — and bring it to the White House.

The new feline companion is expected to join the family’s German shepherds in the People’s House when Biden takes office on Inauguration Day in January.

CBS Sunday Morning first revealed news of the Bidens’ planned cat on Twitter Friday.

The Bidens “won’t just be bringing their German shepherds, Major and Champ, to the White House. The Bidens tell us exclusively that soon they’ll be joined by a cat,” Jane Pauley says in the tweet.

Many presidents and their families have enjoyed having pets in the White House, though President Trump did not have one during his four years in office.

Former President Barack Obama was the last president to have his pooches — Portuguese water dogs Bo and Sunny — live with him and the First Family in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The first cat to reportedly reside in the White House is Abraham Lincoln’s pet, Tabby.

Other White House kitties include Gerald Ford’s daughter’s cat Shan, Jimmy Carter’s daughter’s cat “Misty Malarky Ying Yang,” the Clintons’ cat Socks and George W. Bush’s India “Willie” Bush.