Biden Signs Executive Order to Make Voting Easier



Last week, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, the For the People Act of 2021. This is a landmark piece of legislation that is urgently needed to protect the right to vote and the integrity of our elections, and to repair and strengthen our democracy. I hope the Senate does its work, so I can sign it into law. I also urge Congress to fully restore the Voting Rights Act, named in John Lewis’s honor. Today, on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday, I’m signing an executive order to make it easier for eligible voters to register to vote and improve access to voting. Every eligible voter should be able to vote and have that vote counted. The blood of John Lewis and so many other brave and righteous souls that was spilled in Selma on this Sunday in 1965 sanctified a noble struggle. And when the country saw those images that night, America was forced to confront the denial of democracy, the fiercest urgency of justice. On this day of reflection, please, let’s stay focused on the work ahead. Let’s remember all those who came before us, as a bridge to our history, so we don’t forget its pain, and as a bridge to our future, so we never lose hope.


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