Below Deck Down Under beauty Magda Ziomek chills topless for Bali view


Below Deck Down Under beauty, Magda Ziomek chills topless for Bali view as she embarks on a new adventure.

Magda helped launch the latest Below Deck spin-off, but she didn’t last all of Season 1. Captain Jason Chambers fired the model after she clashed with chief stew Aesha Scott and spent too much time dealing with boyfriend drama on her phone.

The blonde beauty has rebounded nicely from her brief reality television stint. Magda may not have been the best stew. However, when it comes to modeling, she’s killing it.

Magda Ziomek chills topless for Bali view

After her firing, Magda showed off her sexy side in a teeny tiny black bikini. Now she’s once again putting her killer body on display as she celebrates the next chapter in her life.

It turns out Magda’s focused on her modeling career and not just anywhere. Magda has taken her modeling journey to Bali, where she has been showing off all her assets.

The former stew took to Instagram to put the Bali view display while she lay topless on a rock with a waterfall behind her. Three different images make up the post, with each one giving Magda’s followers a closer sideboob view.

Magda does have a bikini bottom. Considering how stringy they are, she might as well be completely naked.

“new favorite chilling point,” was the caption on the smoldering IG post.

Below Deck Down Under alum Magda’s a smoke show in Bali

The side boob has been the name of the game for Magda since she first revealed she’s now modeling in Bali.

One social media post features Magda in black and white photos wearing a dress with loose straps that barely cover her breasts. The images get more risqué on the swipe, with the first one featuring Magda with her hands pulling her hair back, her bare back, and the dress strap covering all of her cleavage.

In the following picture, Magda gives a side view pose with her hands positioned similarly. This time though, her side breast is on display with only the nipple area covered.

The final image sees Magda looking sultry at the camera as she pulls down her dress straps to highlight her ample assets while hiding all necessary parts.

Another one had Magda topless again with a closer view of her tattoo, and her sideboob featured prominently.

“#sol the devine creator,” she wrote on the post.

Life on Below Deck Down Under wasn’t the best for Magda Ziomek. She’s put those days behind her to focus on a new career. Magda has been heating up Bali with smoke show modeling photos she shared with fans.

Although they are not modeling, Below Deck alums Francesca Rubi and Ashling Lorger have been heating things up too while on vacations. Francesca is in Hawaii, while Ashling’s been spending time in France.