Australian Open Director Slams ATP After Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil are Denied Entry to Player Council

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Paul McNamee, the tournament director of Australian Open, has slammed the ATP rule change to keep Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil out of the Player Council.

When Novak Djokovic quit Player Council in a huff

Formerly the president of the Player Council, Djokovic stepped down along with the Canadian tennis star back in September.

They floated a new body – Professional Tennis Players’ Association (PTAPA).

Djokovic had since voiced misgivings in his role in the Council, claiming neither he nor fellow members had any say in matters involving players.

However, the players recently nominated the Serb and the Canadian for a return to the Council, pointing to a growing chasm between the administrators and professionals on the circuit.

ATP/Player Council
CINCINNATI, OH – AUGUST 17: A detailed view of an ATP TOUR logo on a tennis net during the semifinal round of the Western & Southern Open at Lindner Family Tennis Center on August 17, 2019 in Mason, Ohio. (Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A bylaw change that kept out Novak Djokovic, Vasek Pospisil out of Council

The Serb claimed the ATP brought an overnight rule change barring anyone involved with a similar body from being a member of the Player Council.

Taking to Twitter, McNamee said the new rule goes against the very principles the ATP was founded on.

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He said the players must have the freedom to choose their representatives in the Council.

Rule change to deny Djokovic, Pospisil against ATP principles, says Australian Open director

“IMO (in my opinion) players must be entitled to choose their representatives…this was a foundation principle when ATP was formed as a true player association…no longer,” tweeted McNamee.

He is also the organizing head of the Hopman Cup and the Sofia Open.

He said the change in the ATP bylaw is worded in a manner to keep out players holding membership in “contrary associations or organisations”.

“The ATP bylaw change is worded to prohibit belonging to contrary associations or organisations so hard to pin down the businessmen, but puts hundreds of players ‘out of bounds’ for representation in their own Tour…I mean, really,” Mcnamee tweeted in response to a comment on his original post.

Pospisil has also hit out at the governing body for deliberately keeping him out of the Player Council.