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Arizona Eases Coronavirus Restrictions

Gov. Doug Ducey joined other governors in lifting restrictions, signing an executive order on Friday that ends capacity limits for businesses and will allow Major League Baseball to hold spring training games.

Today, Governor Ducey issued Executive Order 2021-05. It removes the capacity limitation that was placed on certain establishments but requires all other mitigation strategies to remain in effect. So that includes physical distancing of at least six feet, ensuring that patrons and staff are wearing masks, the enhanced infection and disinfection, or disinfecting and sanitation protocols. And it also allows spring training and major league sports to operate with an approved plan for mitigation strategies. We’ll continue to monitor. I don’t know that we would replace the capacity issues back on if we started to see a spike, because I think the other thing that we have going on at the same time is we will continue to see an accelerated administration of vaccine, and hopefully by summer, as long as there’s not any manufacturing or federal transport issues, we hope to have enough vaccine in the community for everyone who wants one.

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