Argenis de Jesus Baez Pizano, accused of killing NYPD wife Arianna Reyes-Gomez, claims her police partner ‘told me to kill’


The Bronx man charged with slaying his estranged NYPD wife bizarrely claimed to investigators that her police partner told him to commit the crime, prosecutors revealed in court Tuesday.

Argenis de Jesus Baez Pizano, 34, said the partner “is the one who told me to kill” 31-year-old Officer Arianna Reyes-Gomez, Assistant District Attorney David Birnbaum said during Pizano’s arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court.

The partner “is the one who told me to do this. He told me what to do,” Pizano told police, Birnbaum said.

“Look for him,” he said, adding, “I can’t believe I did this,” according to Birnbaum.

Pizano was remanded without bail after he was charged with murder for allegedly fatally stabbing Reyes-Gomez at her Bronx apartment early Monday morning.

“The defendant here is accused of murdering the victim, a New York City police officer whom he has a child in common. He stabbed her multiple times – approximately 8 times, in her breast, leg, torso and back,” Birnbaum told the court.

Perp walk husbant who stabbed NYPD wife
Argenis de Jesus Baez Pizano has no prior arrests and one traffic violation.
Wayne Carrington
NYPD officer Arianna Gomez was allegedly stabbed multiple times by her former partner, Argenis de Jesus Baez Pizano.
NYPD officer Arianna Gomez was allegedly stabbed multiple times by her former partner.

Birnbaum said investigators recovered surveillance footage of Pizano confronting Reyes-Gomez at her doorway before forcing his way inside.

Two minutes later, Pizano can be seen leaving the residence with a knife in his hand before driving away, according to Birnbaum.

“[Pizano] then confessed to a relative, an aunt, who ends up having her son calling 911.  A warrant was secured the next day and bloody clothing was retrieved from his residence,” the prosecutor said.

District Attorney David Birnbaum
District Attorney David Birnbaum shared Pizano’s statements.
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Outside of the courthouse, Pizano’s attorney, John Russo, told reporters he was unaware of his client’s accusations against Reyes-Gomez’ partner.

“My client has not told me that,” Russo said. “That seems to be coming from some third-party information. My client did not indicate that to me at all. In fact he did not indicate that he made any statement to the police other than his name and that he’s here to turn himself in.”

Pizano has no prior arrests and only a single traffic violation, according to police sources. There was also no history of domestic violence between the estranged couple.

If convicted, Pizano faces a life sentence, the judge said Tuesday.