Apple’s entry-level iPad returns to $299 for Black Friday

Apple's entry-level iPad returns to $299 for Black Friday

This iPad has been discounted intermittently since its release. We don’t know how long it’ll stay at this sale price, and consider the other colors remain priced at $330, it’s possible that the sale price will expire soon — or at least disappear when Amazon’s stock has depleted. Also, keep in mind that you will have to wait for this tablet if you buy it while it’s on sale because it’s now listed as back in stock in early December.

We gave this iPad a score of 86 and it’s a great option for those who’ve never had a tablet before, or only need a basic slab with few bells and whistles. It doesn’t have the new design Apple gave to the latest iPad Air, and while that’s a bummer, its classic look certainly isn’t a bad thing and some will probably prefer its physical Home button with TouchID.

The biggest changes come under the hood where Apple included its A12 Bionic chipset. This makes a massive improvement in the base iPad’s performance and it will be able to better handle the new features present in iPadOS 14 and beyond. It also has a solid battery life of around 10.5 hours and you’ll be able to use the 1st-generation Apple Pencil to doodle, take notes and the like.

This iPad was in need of an update and Apple gave it a great one without changing too much of what makes it a solid, entry-level tablet. It’s a great value at its normal price of $330, but even better when you can catch it on sale for $299. As for the latest iPad, the new iPad Air, the space gray model is down to $559 but we don’t expect that sale to be around for too long. The Air has also seen a couple of discounts since its debut, but those have been even more infrequent than those for the base iPad. We recommend grabbing the Air now while it’s $40 off if you’ve had your eye on it.

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