Another failed WHO whitewash of China’s COVID guilt



The World Health Organization basically just admitted to trying to get away with yet another whitewash on behalf of China’s rulers.

The agency last week acknowledged that the report by a team of “investigators” supposedly looking into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan isn’t worth anything — and the agency is scrapping it.

The WHO team still plans to publish a summary along with a final report to be released later. But the simple fact is that it didn’t actually investigate anything.

Kudos to the international group of more than two dozen top scientists who called out the fraud and demanded a real probe into the bug’s origins. They noted that the WHO team completed its “investigative mission” without getting the necessary access: It basically just took Beijing’s word for everything — and gave Chinese team members (and so, China’s rulers) a veto over what went into its “report.”

It’s beyond astonishing that the WHO tried to get away with such games again. The agency has been echoing the Chinese Communist Party’s lies from the pandemic’s start.

China still got some propaganda value from this farce: headlines blaring the WHO investigators’ finding that it was “extremely unlikely” that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab and more likely that the virus originated outside of China and spread to Wuhan via frozen-food packaging.

And why, if the WHO isn’t still in Bejing’s pocket, did it engineer a “fact-finding” mission preprogrammed to help the CCP peddle its absurdist lies?

As the scientists note in an open letter, it was “all but impossible” for the WHO team to conduct a full investigation, especially when it had to run “findings” through the regime.

Put simply, the WHO, just like the CCP, can only be trusted to lie.


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