Aaron Rodgers is growing out his hair for mystery Halloween costume a year in the making



Check out the hair on Rodgers.

The Packers quarterback has long been known for different hair stylings through the year, but entering the 2021 season, something was different: Rodgers’ hair was decidedly long, so much so that it caught the attention of fans everywhere.

As it turns out, Rodgers admitted that his hair growth is tied to something that’s going to be revealed very, very shortly, just a few days after the Packers take on the Cardinals on “Thursday Night Football,” in what could be a potential NFC Championship preview.

Whatever, that’s all fine and cool and all, but there’s a very specific reason why Rodgers is growing out the salad, looking like a yoga instructor.

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Why is Aaron Rodgers growing his hair?

On a recent episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers admitted that he’s growing his hair out as part of his 2021 Halloween costume.

Rodgers said that the costume is a year in the making, and that it’s a reference to a hero of his.

Here’s the revelation:

“I have a month-ish until Halloween, and this has been a year in the making, for my costume,” Rodgers said. “I’m not gonna give it away. It’s somebody who’s a hero of mine, who has long-ish hair.”

Rodgers has plenty of experience with really gosh darn good Halloween costumes, so this, especially with a year-long commitment, is one to definitely look forward to.

McAfee suggested former Creed frontman Scott Stapp, which Rodgers wouldn’t cop to one way or another. (We also highly doubt Rodgers is a Creed fan. “My Sacrifice” still slaps, though.)

So, while Stapp is probably out of the picture, that got us thinking…

What is Aaron Rodgers’ Halloween costume?

In the past, Rodgers has been known to go all out for his Halloween costumes, and it looks like that might be the truth again this year, if this costume a year in the making comes to be.

While the long-haired passer has been featured in some State Farm commercials as an accoustic guitarist, there’s no defined costume for him as of yet for this year’s All Hallow’s Eve. In the past, though, he’s been spot-on with some of his getups. Here are a few:

In 2019, he was Uncle Rico from the cult classic “Napolean Dynamite:”

In 2017, he portrayed Steve Zissou from “The Life Aquatic starring Steve Zissou,” a Bill Murray flick:

While not for Halloween, Rodgers did dress as Ben Stiller’s Hal L. from “Happy Gilmore:”

The long hair, though, still is intriguing, and an important bit of the character, no doubt. Here are a few options that Rodgers could be:

  • Maybe he’s The Jesus, John Turturro’s character, of “The Big Lebowski” fame. Rodgers’ beard isn’t scraggly or shaggy enough to pull off The Dude, though.
  • Could he be The Joker, the arch-nemesis of Batman? After this past offseason, he’s proven he’s an agent of chaos, after all.
  • There’s a good chance he could be Joe Exotic from “The Tiger King.” He has some experience with animals, since he already owns the Bears.
  • “What If” McAfee is right, and Rodgers is going to be Scott Stapp from Creed? He’s taken the Packers higher this season.

In any case, the world will know what Rodgers’ costume will be in just a few days’ time. 

One thing we know it won’t be, is “Jeopardy!” host.


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