A woman said her jean shorts gave her a wedgie so tight that she ended up in the ICU with life-threatening sepsis




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  • Sam, a 25-year-old from North Carolina, told BuzzFeed she got a life-threatening infection after wearing jean shorts.

  • The shorts chafed her skin so badly, she developed both cellulitis and sepsis.

  • Doctors considered removing the infected portion of her bottom, but luckily Sam recovered using antibiotics.

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A North Carolina-based 25-year-old said she was rushed to the hospital after a jean shorts’ wedgie caused her to develop cellulitis and sepsis, a life-threatening infection.

Sam told BuzzFeed she felt uncomfortable in the shorts she wore on a date, but decided to ignore it. She said she started to feel sick the following day.

“I felt very sore and then started feeling ill – just not 100%,” Sam told BuzzFeed. “That night, I noticed that I had a large bump where the chafing had occurred, and as time went on, it started becoming more painful. The pain was isolated to one spot and it felt like a throbbing, stabbing pain.”

Two days later, Sam said she was sent to the emergency room after getting the area checked out by her doctor.

Sam’s said she developed cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection that causes swelling, pain, and can become deadly, if left untreated. The cellulitis had progressed to the point of septic shock, which occurs after the body has an extreme reaction to infection and can lead to permanent tissue damage and organ failure.

“I was shivering, very breathless, could not walk and had extreme body aches,” Sam said. “They admitted me to the ICU, and that’s when I realized this was a bit more serious that I had anticipated.”

Sam said doctors considered removing the infected portion of her bottom during a debridement surgery, but decided to wait a few days to see if she could fight off the infection without the procedure. Luckily, Sam was able to recover after four days in the ICU with the help of antibiotics.

Sam shared her story on TikTok to warn people about the dangers of ignoring uncomfortable wedgies and has gotten over 1.3 million likes. Sam told BuzzFeed many commentators said this has also happened to them.

Despite the embarrassing end to their date, Sam said she and her boyfriend are still together three years after the chafing incident.

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