A Utah woman says all of her belongings was stolen the night before she was moving out of state: ‘Everything is gone’



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  • A Utah woman said all her belongings was stolen the night before she was moving out of state.

  • The thieves stole all of her possessions, including her car and U-Haul trailer.

  • Salt Lake City Police is investigating the incident.

A Utah woman says all of her packed belongings was stolen the night before moving out of the state, leaving her homeless.

Kate Annis,23, decided to stay at her friend’s place in Salt Lake City on Monday night with plans on leaving the next morning to move to Denver, Colorado, KSTU reported.

Annis packed up all her things into her navy blue Subaru and a 5-by-8foot U-Haul trailer, which she left in front of her friend’s house, according to the report. Things took a turn when her belongings, including her car, were missing.

“I locked everything. I was leaving at 6 a.m. Tuesday,” Annis told KSL-TV. “I am devastated. It was one night parked on the street, and now, it’s all gone.”

She told local news that she believes that her possessions – worth about $35,000 – were taken when she was just steps away hanging out in her friend’s backyard. Local police are investigating the incident.

A GoFundMe was created by Annis’ friend last week has raised nearly $13,000 which she said she’s grateful for, according to KTSU.

The fundraiser said the U-Haul “contained all her clothes, furniture, climbing gear, and personal effects.”

“It’s as if my entire life was stripped away. I have spent years saving enough money to buy rock climbing equipment and skis. It was all taken,” Annis told KSL-TV. “What really hurts is knowing I might never again see the sentimental childhood letters or the years of journals I wrote.”

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