A ransomware attack has shut down Baltimore’s public schools

A ransomware attack has shut down Baltimore's public schools

BCPS chief of staff Mychael Dickerson wrote on Twitter that BCPS offices and schools are closed for the day. The BCPS website remains offline at the time of writing, so he couldn’t get the word out there. Dickerson told the Baltimore Sun there wouldn’t be a quick fix to the problem and that “we just don’t want people standing by thinking we’ll get back up.”

Baltimore-area students have been taking online classes to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, several hundred students from kindergarten through fifth grade who have difficulty with remote learning have been attending learning centers to work on laptops there, as Marketplace reported. Earlier this month, internet access went out at those centers and everyone was sent home early.

The Baltimore city government was the victim of a separate ransomware attack last year. Officials declined to pay a ransom to unlock their systems, but the fallout of the attack reportedly ended up costing the city at least $18 million.