A Florida tornado downs tree, shears rooftops, flips cars

A Florida tornado downs tree, shears rooftops, flips cars

One tornado ripped three Florida communities on Wednesday as the snow buffeted Northeaster and Mid-Atlantic states in swirl of untamed weather, as per local reports.

As per the National Weather Service, the huge, extremely severe tornado ripped through Polk, Hillsborough and Pinellas, starting right before 4pm on Wednesday, covering over 50 miles.

There was tremendous damage in the Pinellas County, as per the local newspaper. However, there weren’t any confirmed serious injuries or fatalities. Though tornado weakened a little across Tampa Bay, it formed again over Polk County, as per the newspaper.

The images revealed some havoc it caused, sheared rooftops, trees strewn through the parking lots, an upside-down car as well as flattened fences.

A video shared by one reporter showed what seemed to be one metal or plastic plank dangling on power-lines overhead.

The aerial footage revealed industrial rooftops destroyed to shreds as well as branches and debris spread across one parking lot. The other images showcased how the tornado had ripped one warehouse close to the Bryan Dairy Road. 

The authorities reported multiple damages structures ad vehicles, while several people lost their power supply.

The weather service of Tampa Bay had tweeted that it was searching for video or images of the tornado; with details on the location and estimated time they had been captured.


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